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We have a range of Stove Care Plans to look after your fire and ensure maximum safety & efficiency. 

Most of stove manufacturers require an annual stove service at the minimum to maintain their warranty policy. Your home insurance plan may also require an annual service certificate in the event of a claim. As your stove expert, we recommend an annual chimney clean & stove service to keep the chimney & stove in a safe condition. If you regularly use your fire, has a boiler stove or slumber your fire, we recommend a bi-annual sweep & service to avoid soot build up which may cause a chimney fire.

For open fires & premium appliances, such as the Stovax Studio Air, Stuv large format fires, Spartherm fires, we offer a Premium Stove Care Plan. This is because open fires are more time-consuming to clean as creosote often forms more frequently and at greater amount due to the fire's inefficiency. Premium appliances also require more work and care as their design is much more intricate. If you are unsure which plan is best for your appliance, please contact us for further guidance.