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Which Woodburner Is Best?

05 October 2018 08:56

Which woodburner is best is a great question. It's one that we are asked regularly here at Bradley Stoves Sussex. And it is an understandable question to ask, after all there are so many stoves on the market, choosing one is not the easiest thing in the world.

Questions to ask when buying a woodburner

So we think that if you are looking to invest in a new woodburner then you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What size heat output do you need for your room?
    This is the crucial question to answer before you to start your search for a woodburner. After all you want a wood stove that does the right job in your room. If the heat output is too high then it will make sitting in the room unbearable (you'll have to open windows, which makes it a bit of a joke installing a woodburner in the first place!), and if the heat output is too low you'll need to supplement the heating.

    To determine what heat output you need you neeed to measure the height, width, and length of the room (or area that you are trying to heat) in metres. Multiply the measurements and then divide that number by 14. This will give you an idea of the approximate heat output that you require for the room in terms of Kilowatts (KW).

    How to calculate heat output: Height, x width x length / 14 = Required Heat Output in KW.

    Great, you now know what size of woodburner you need for your room, but remember if the woodburner is a supplementary heat source then you won't need such a high heat output.

  2. What area have you available to fit your woodburner?
    The size of your opening, or space, may well determine what size stove to buy. However, approved dealers such as Bradley Stoves Sussex will also be experts in creating the correct space for a stove to fit in. So if you are not sure if the woodburner you want can be sited in your room then give us a call and will be able to help.

  3. What function do you want the woodburner to fulfil?
    When starting to decide what type of woodburner you want you might want to consider if you wish it to heat your water as well as your room. If that is a case then you need to look for a woodburner that has a boiler.

  4. Is the woodburner and Ecodesign Ready stove?
    This is a very important question to consider because Ecodesign Ready stoves are not only highly efficient, but ar ealso compliant with the EU directive that will come into force in the UK in 2022. There has been a great deal of research and development into woodburner technology, so it is worth thinking about having this type of stove installed. However, there are some disadvantages with them, for example overnight burning is going to be a thing of the past once the directive is in place, but environmentally this can only be a good thing.

  5. What style of woodburner do you want.
    The aesthetics of your woodburner will be one of the major factors in choosing your woodburner. After all it is an investment that is going to last for years and has to suit your home and your tastes. You might change your accent colour, but the stove isn't going to be that simple to replace.

    Therefore take a moment to consider the overall design of your home. Is it traditional, modern, or highly contemporary. Do you want a woodburner that is softer in colour than black? Or maybe you want a woodburner that looks like an open fire, but has all the benefits of a wood stove.

    Certain stove manufacturers tend to design the more traditional looking stove.  Aga, Cast Tec, Charnwood, Dovre, Franco Belge, Hunter, Stovax, and Vermont Castings all manufacture traditionally styled woodburners that all have high efficiencies. So although your wood stove will have that classic look it will still perform superbly.

    Alternatively there are woodburners that would look good in any setting. These include stoves from ACR , Bronpi, Charlton & Jenrick, Chilli Penguin, Cleanburn, Jetmaster, Morsø, Westfire, and Stûv.

    For very modern stoves Stûv, Westfire, Hwam, and Heta are manufacturers to consider.

  6. How large is my budget?
    Although I have put this as the final question to ask, it is possibly the most important. There is not only the cost of the woodburner to consider, but also the expense of getting it installed professionally. However, a woodburner does save on heating bills, and is considerd to add value to your home. Notwithstanding this the pleasure that a woodburner gives you cannot be measured in monetary terms. My woodburner is over 10 years old, is still as efficient as the day that it was installed, and gives incredible enjoyment throughout the darker months. Autumn is only ok because of the sound and look of the flames dancing behind the glass, and the glorious heat that radiates in the room. It's what makes the winter bearable, and once you've had a woodburner you'll find it hard not to have one.


In conclusion it is very difficult for us to tell you what is the best woodburner for you because it is all down to personal taste, the area to be serviced, and your budget. However, this is not a decision to be rushed, and you might find that a visit to our showroom here in Sussex will help with your decision making. Our staff are highly experienced and experts in helping you to choose what wood stove would be right for you.

If you are not local to the Sussex area then do take time to browse our online shop, and using our filters find the stoves that fit your remit. Where prices are on application give us a call so that we can talk you through what is available, and don't forget that we are experienced in fitting stoves, and creating fire places for your new stove to sit in.