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Stûv 3 Sided Gas Stove Installation

24 August 2017 14:11

Stûv 3 Sided Gas Stove Installation with balanced flue as we are putting the Stûv stove against a flat wall.

Build onto the wall to give the appearance that it is hanging so the flue will be encased in a metal stud case and fire-board frame, you'll just see the glass of the 3 sided stove below it. Going to use a stone (copy stone) on 2 sides to cover the controls of the gas fire.

B range stuv comes with a drawer system, but these are very expensive and so we have sourced a similar product from IKEA. These sit off the wall.

Gas stove 750mm wide x 450mm deep. It will sit at 450-600mm above the floor - as agreed per the customer. Flue system is simple with 1m upright section with 90° bend straight through the wall.

Also looking into use of wood panelling around stove.