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Why a Forno Allegro Pizza Oven will transform your cooking!

11 May 2016 14:59

You're probably wondering why I think that a wood-fired pizza oven from Forno will transform your cooking. I mean what's wrong with sticking a few coals on a barbecue, grabbing a  beer, and waiting for your sausages to cook?

Well, cooking with a wood burning oven is a whole new experience. Not only can you grill the standard BBQ fare, but you can make authentic tasting pizzas, roast succulent joints that melt in your mouth, and bake bread that has that glorious wood-fired taste. And then there is the actual act of cooking, which sees food transformed dramatically, and with a little practice you too could start to achieve the quality of food on Masterchef. 

The Forno Allegro pizza oven is the ideal oven to cook with. Starting at just £899 an Allegro will provide you with endless possibilities throughout spring, summer, and autumn.  And if you aren't sure what can be achieved then just see the wood-fired bbq recipes that South Lodge Hotel's Executive Chef, Lewis Hamblet, created for Bradley Stoves Sussex last summer.

"Cooking on a Forno Allegro is a real pleasure," said Steve O'Reilly, owner of Bradley Stoves Sussex. "I love the fact that it is a traditional way of cooking, and that you can leave something in the oven for 24 hours and have the most sumptious meal ever."

"And the fire is easy to get going, just some kindling and seasoned wood. While it's bringing the oven up to temperature you can get everything ready that you need to cook. I love roasting vegetables, baking bread, and braising meat. Of course the kids love pizzas, but I get enjoyment from the eclectic range of foods I can produce that all taste superb. I don't even consider myself an outstanding cook, but with a wood fired oven it really enhances your culinary techniques!".

So if you are a foodie who enjoys the thrill of creating tasty food, and loves al fresco dining, then treat yourself to a Forno Allegro pizza oven and discover the joy of a wood-fired oven. I don't think that you'll regret it.