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Exploring the Warm Wildwoods

17 September 2014 13:36

It's late, the fire in your wood burning stove is glowing and you're thinking about leaving your now beautifully warm living room and shuffling upstairs. Except this time, upstairs is warm too. Meet the Wildwood Boiler Stoves from Woodwarm on Bradley Stoves Sussex.

Which Wildwood?

Wildwood have a huge range of models available here at Bradley Stoves Sussex, from the smaller 5kw and 6kw wood burners to the Wildwood 12kw and 16kw varieties. There's even a enormous 20kw Wildwood, unbeatable ouput for a wood burner. The output range you want will depend on the size of the room and how much water you want to heat; for example, for a medium sized room and around 20,000 BTU, the Wildwood 9kw model would be the one to look at. For those who want the 12kw with all the glory of the 16kw’s front window, there is the 12kw Plus

Family Features

Most families take after each other in some way and the Wildwoods are no exception. All models come with a fantastic range of options, aesthetic and technical. 

  • Clean burn system: keeps that glass nice and clean by circulating hot air across the inner panel. This feature is always built in to any Wildwood boiler stove.
  • Double door option: with a door at the front and back, a wood burner is the perfect centrepiece in a room partition.
  • Canopy options: all models come with two canopy options, flat top and low curved canopy. The low canopy costs a little extra but why compromise on style?
  • Double sided, double depth: This is a high output version of the single depth stove, ideal for larger rooms. 

Boilers for Boiler Stoves

If you’re thinking of getting a Wildwood, you don’t need to worry about what type of boiler you need. Technical specifications are provided with each model so you can check just how much water you’ll be able to heat with your wood burner. For each model we offer a range of boilers to suit the output, from slab and split saddle boilers to roof boilers. 

The Perfect Fit

Don’t let the complexities of installation put you off getting a boiler stove. Here at Bradley Stoves Sussex we would be more than happy to offer our expert installation services and advice. For more information on wood burning boiler stoves and accessories, contact us here.