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Can a Wood Stove Keep You Warm in a Power Cut?

06 January 2014 15:39

I don't know about you, but the stormy weather was a little challenging this Christmas! It was 00:36 and the wind was howling. The village lights flickered off, then back on again, and then blackness engulfed us here in West Sussex heralding a new way to spend Christmas Eve'.

We had hoped that by the time we'd woken up in the morning power would be restored, but no, we were well and truly without electricity. However, despite having all the family together, and lots of cooking to do, we were able to have a wonderful day despite the adverse conditions.

Our first priority was to make sure that our woodburner was working at maximum capacity. Fortunately the fire was still smouldering from the night before and so we opened up the air inlet, packed our Woodwarm Fireview Slender with wood, and got the fire roaring. Meanwhile we disconnected the mains and connected up a caravan battery. This gave us power to run the underfloor heating and a light. Our Woodwarm stove has a highly efficient back boiler and uses convection to heat the hot water, so we were able to have a toasty ground floor and hot water for washing up and a shower. With a superbly insulated house even upstairs was warm, so the wood stove proved to be a real triumph! Fortunately we have gas, but I am certain that we could have easily cooked on top of the stove as well!

The Woodwarm range of stoves are extremely efficient at generating heat. This winter we've had the tank up to 85°C on a regular basis, which has kept our gas bills down, and meant that we could enjoy warm floors and long showers. There is also nothing like a wood stove to enhance the aesthetics of a home in gloomy stormy weather. Christmas Eve' will be forever in my memory as a magical time where we sat in the lounge playing board games in front of a roaring woodburner and enjoyed a glimpse of the more magical age of times past. No internet, no Play Stations, no television, just time as a family enjoying moments together.