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Cut Gas Bills with a Woodburner or Multifuel Stove

18 October 2013 17:10

With British Gas and SSE announcing that it will be putting up its gas prices by around 8 per cent from November 23rd now is the time to buy a wood stove. Claims that energy costs have risen globally and the Government's policies are causing the increase have fallen on deaf ears. The public are not happy, we're not happy, but we do know that a stove will help you to reduce your costs.

In 2008 my Woodwarm Fireview Slender 6kw stove was installed by Bradley Stoves (of course!). It's a good looking stove, British made, and more importantly it is superb at generating heat and providing hot water. With underfloor heating that uses water as its energy source the Woodwarm Fireview is perfect. Running the stove most days cut our gas bill by 66% last winter, which means that the stove has now paid for itself. And of course the stove looks beautiful when it is burning, and being a woodburner doesn't require cleaning every day. Obviously our house is well insulated, and we ensure that the fire burns hot and efficiently, but without a doubt the woodburner has been one of our better investments.

So if you have been wondering whether or not to invest in a wood stove then now is the time! Gas prices are not going to come down and so a stove will not improve the aesthetics of your home, but will give you a return on your investment.