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Five Reasons to Choose a Kamado Joe Grill

04 July 2014 14:31

I know that we have been raving about this grill, but seriously, it is fantastic and will change the way that you cook forever! At the South of England show in June we saw how people responded to food cooked on the Kamado - to say that they were happy was an understatement! Sales of the Kamado were excellent, and we will be tempting people again next week at Camping World, Horsham.

Here are 5 reasons to choose the Kamado Joe:

1. The meat is always moist and cooks quickly.
The shape of the Kamado Joe means that it insulates the food and keeps the heat circulating. Hence you get more uniform cooking in quicker time.

2. The Kamado Joe has been cleverly designed so that there are different cooking areas so that you can control the temperature of the grill.
The Kamado has a temperature range of between 82°C and 399°C and as the temperature guage is accurate you can cook food just how you want to.

3. This grill is ideal for smoking food with a purpose built disk called a "daisy wheel".

4. You can bake with it!! Yes that's right from pizzas to lasagnes - it's ideal! And you can slow roast and grill - just imagine what culinary delights you could rustle up!

5. The Kamado Joe can be used all year round, and in fact that's what our customers do. It is not just for summer, but will work equally well in winter because it is so well insulated.

I was going to include how this grill can really bring you together as a family because eating outside is such a social thing. It takes time to prepare and cook the food, which is great if you want to chat and chill, and then there is the pleasure of al fresco dining (if the weather is right!) rather than sitting in front of the tv with your food on your lap. However, this is just a personal comment, not something that we can try and test here at Bradley Stoves Sussex!

So if you want to experience the joy of wood-fired cooking, and you're up for investing in time and money into learning to enjoy a new way of bringing food to the table, then the Kamado Joe is for you.