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Flavoured Bisquettes for Food Smokers Makes Food Tastier!

27 June 2014 15:41

If you are a serious foodie then you'll love the idea of smoking your own food, and our flavoured bisquettes produce flavoursome smoke.

Smoking your own food is growing in popularity because it is an excellent way to cook food. It's healthy because no additional fat is added, and the bisquettes that we use are perfect at generating clean smoke that will add a distinctive taste to your food! At Bradley Stoves Sussex we are selling the Bradley Smoker (of course!), a US smoker that is extremely well rated in the States. The Smoker has its own smoke generator and the bisquettes burn for up to 20 minutes at a time ensuring a delicious infusion of flavour! The taste achieved by using a smoker is much richer than that of a gas griller and it is absolutely perfect for slow roasting joints.

So what are the bisquettes made of? Well they are manufactured from hardwood chippings, and depending on which tree the chippings come from determines the flavour of the smoke. Some people like to combine different brisquettes whilst cooking to influence the taste of the food. So to start with they might start off with one type of bisquette to give the overall flavour of the food and then finish with another type of bisquette to give a hint of another flavour. With that type of versatility you can be in control of the cooking process and direct how the finished product will taste.

And what's more the Bradley Bisquettes can be used on a barbecue or in a wood fired pizza oven.