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A Wood Stove Adds Value to Your Property

16 May 2014 15:56

With longer days and lighter nights thoughts often turn to DIY and home improvements. However, what sort of things should you invest in to add value to your property? And is a wood stove one of them?

Well according to This is Money fitting double glazing and installing an en-suite will increase the price of your home. However, Hugo Thistlethwayte, of Prime Purchase advocates the installation of a wood stove as it is more efficient than an open fire and "gives the impression that the house is up to date".

At Bradley Stoves Sussex we totally agree! The wood stove certainly makes a feature of a room because it will always be a strong focal point. Even in summer months it looks lovely, and of course in the winter it comes into its own. As stated a woodburner is around 75 - 80% efficient, with the heat staying in the room rather than going up the chimney. And with today's technology then the fire is clearly visible and the glass stays clean. For those of you who cannot cope without an open fire there are wood stoves on the market with retractable doors, or you can open the doors of your woodburner so you can have the same effect!

So investing in a woodburning stove is certainly worth it because it will add value to your home. And whether you want a contemporary stove, or something more conventional, then there is something that will suit you. Why not check out our range of stoves and let us help you to increase the value of your property.