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Cheap Stove Installers Aren't Necessarily Safer

15 August 2013 14:07

Bradley Stoves have just finished a job this week for a local Housing Association. We had been called in to service 11 stoves, but what we found on inspecting them was truly shocking. Not only were each stove the wrong size for the room (they were too big for the space), but each had been installed with the wrong flue - 125mm rather than the required 150mm. As a result the tenants had experienced tar building up in the flue and were having to clear the top of the flue themselves. In addition carpet had been installed around the flue, and insufficient air was entering the stove.

Despite the major risk of fire the tenants have worked hard to avoid a catastrophe, but it illustrates clearly that cheaper installations aren't necessarily the best. Had there been a fire then what would have come to light was the poor installation of the flue. In addition it is clear that the Housing Association were misled by the original contractors. That is why it is always better to used a reputable and approved contractor because had the flues been left then there would have been a disaster.

We are sometimes told by our customers that they can get their stoves installed far cheaper by their builder, electrician, sweep or friend. This is of course possible, but can you be confident that the installation has been done correctly and will not cause a fire? At Bradley Stoves Sussex we are saddened that to save money people compromise on safety, but we guess that people are unaware of how dangerous it is to have an incorrectly installed stove.