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Chimney Liner Experts Climb Heights when fitting Charnwood C-Six!

10 May 2013 12:12

At Bradley Stoves Sussex we don't just sell stoves, we also install them. And we were fortunate last week to have a beautiful day as we set about fitting a Charnwood C-Six here in West Sussex because the chimney was a little higher than we normally work with! We used a triple extended rope ladder to provide access to the chimney so that we could fit the correct insulated flue liner for the fire. As soon as Dave got the liner through we attached the adaptor to the flex amd secured the liner at the top and the bottom. A steel plate was also fitted to the inglenook along with Supaux boarding, which is 15mm thick and fireproof.

You can fit a liner yourself, but you will need the job to be signed off by your local building inspector. Lining a chimney is an expert job and if it is not done properly then you could cause a fire or even death. All our fitters are HETAS qualified and trained