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What Makes a Good Quality Wood Stove?

27 March 2013 12:48

Wood stoves tend be manufactured from steel or cast iron, or both. There are differences between the materials and do need to be considered when thinking about what type of stove to buy.

Cast iron is a material that holds heat longer than steel, which is useful if you have a colder property and want more heat from your wood stove. However, if the stove cracks in any way then repairing a cast iron stove can be problematic.

Steel stoves retain less heat, but in the UK climate this is not really an issue. Steel is also easier to fix should it crack, although today's woodburners are well made and rarely have problems. In fact many manufacturers make their stoves from steel and cast iron because they retain the heat whilst being simpler to repair.

Charnwood and Woodwarm are particularly efficient wood stoves and are manufactured using both steel and cast iron. They can be used to warm a room and can be left burning over night to make sure that you have a warm welcome in the morning.