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Steve O'Reilly - the Wood Stove Expert

12 March 2013 12:55

Knowing which woodburner to buy and who to source it from is a challenge. And it's not as if investing in a wood stove is a cheap option, it's not. You can spend anything from £450 to £2400 for a stove, and then you have the fitting costs. So why go to Bradley Stoves Sussex?

Well Bradley Stoves Sussex is a family run company and its owner, Steve O'Reilly, has been in the wood stove business since he was a young man (working in his father's woodburner shop). Steve is friendly, approachable, but above all an expert. He has all the qualifications that you would expect, but what really draws you to him is that he knows what he's talking about. Woodburners are Steve's passion. There isn't anything that he doesn't know about them. He can tell you what size stove you need, whether to have the multi-fuel option, and what your return will be on the stove. He'll also be able to look at your proposed site for the stove and tell you which one would work best for you and why.

Bradley Stoves does great offers on line and have stoves that are superbly priced. The Aga Minsterley Stove for example is well placed in the internet market at only £1,532.40, but you can always be assured then when you are buying from Bradley Stoves that you are buying from Steve. This means that you are purchasing your stove from an approved contractor who can not only give you advice and fit the stove for you, but can also give you support if you need it with your stove.

So if you are wondering where to buy your wood stove from then come to Bradley Stoves Sussex and get to know Steve O'Reilly and he will ensure that you find the perfect woodburner for your home.