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Free Carbon Monoxide Detector from Wood Stove specialists!

14 December 2012 15:30

Bradley Stoves Sussex Ltd are offering free Carbon Monoxide detectors with every stove sold through The Carbon Monoxide alarms are required to be fitted every time a new wood stove is installed to protect from lethal gases. Of course if Bradley Stoves Sussex, who are HETAS registered and approved installers for all of the stoves, install your woodburner then your stove will be fitted correctly, but if it isn't then you could be in danger.

Carbon Monoxide is an odourless, tasteless, and colourless gas that can be produced from incomplete combustion. The first sign that you have a problem is a headache, but by this stage you may be feeling a little confused, which means you probably won't get the help that you need.

To ensure that you avoid suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning it is essential that the stove you invest in has a CE mark i.e. a mark that shows that the manufacture declares it meets the Standards that make it fit for sale throughout Europe.

The stove must also be properly installed and that the installation complies with Building Regulations. Interestingly if the stove does not comply then your home insurance might well be invalidated. However, unless your stove is installed by expert contractors then it is possible that you increase your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

It is also important to ensure that your chimney is regularly swept and that there is enough ventilation in the room to prevent any possiblility of Carbon Monoxide building up.

So having a Carbon Monoxide alarm is an excellent investment, so why not take advantage of Bradley Stoves' special offer, particularly as their stoves are superbly priced and will be installed by experts.