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Why use an Approved Supplier when buying a Wood Stove?

25 October 2012 14:20

You might be wondering how is it that certain internet stores can sell wood stoves much cheaper than others. Sometimes it is because they do buy in bulk, but normally the manufacturer sets a limit on the amount a stove can be discounted and checks to see that the supplier is following the conditions set! However, if a seller is not an approved supplier then the stove can be offered at whatever price the seller chooses.

What's wrong with that you might ask? Well I guess in times of economic hardship then supply and demand always wins out, but what about the economic principle of short term cost versus long term gain?

Buying from an approved contractor gives you peace of mind. You can feel confident that they have earned this status because they are experienced, trained, skilled and able to provide long term support. There isn't anything that Steve O'Reilly, owner of Bradley Stoves, doesn't know about woodburners. He's been working in this line of work for years, which is why people travel from all over the country to buy from him.

"I know that it is tempting to put price first when choosing a wood stove," said Steve.

"However, you have to ask yourself why the stove is so cheap and what the aftercare will be like should you need it!. You don't want to spend a couple of thousand pounds on a woodburner only to find that should you need future help or advice regarding the stove you can't get it!".

At we pride ourselves in not only being approved suppliers of the main brands of wood stoves, but we also have the expertise to install the stove. We can also give you advice on what stove is right for your home, which is why people travel to Horsham to buy their stoves from us.

So why not visit our showroom and see how we can help to make your house a warm, welcoming home with a woodburner.