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Fuel Bills to Rise - Time to Get a Wood Stove!

19 October 2012 16:17

With shocking announcements that energy bills will rise between 6 and 9% this winter it is certainly time to invest in a wood stove. A woodburner can cut gas bills significantly, particularly if installed with a boiler, and although there is the initial outlay for the cost of the stove and the installation a wood stove will bring enjoyment, value and beauty to your home.

The news has brought nothing but doom and gloom regarding gas bills. Southern and Scottish Electric have already increased their prices by 9% at the beginning of this month, and British Gas will be imposing a price rise of 6% on 16th November. Npower have also announced an increase of 9.1% on 26th November and on 3rd December Scottish Power introduce their 7% rise. These figures are well above inflation and it is quite likely that next winter the energy giants will decide to put prices up again, causing more misery for many.

With a wood stove there is the on-going cost of fuelling it, but they are extremely efficient and logs can be bought in bulk, cutting costs. Once installed the wood stove will look after itself. The more modern stoves are so efficient that they are extremely clean, but we would still recommend having your chimney swept annually. And wood stoves are beautiful! The days of sooty and ugly cast iron woodburners are long gone, with stove manufacturers priding themselves in producing efficient stoves that keep the glass clean, providing an excellent view of the fire. With prices as low as £463.20 for a compact wood stove then this is the ideal time to become more independent of the energy companies by installing a woodburner.