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Should I buy a wood stove?

10 October 2012 11:53

As the nights draw in you may be deliberating whether or not to invest in a wood stove. It might seem like an expensive item, but you will be surprised at how efficient wood stoves are these days. Technology has moved on and your memories of sooty glass and ugly stoves are doing you no favours whatsoever.

Why should you buy a wood stove? Because they are such an asset, particularly if you add a boiler to the wood stove and use the heat to power your hot water, radiators, or underfloor heating. The heat generated by a woodburner can be as little as 4kW, but can be up to 14kW, and many stoves e.g. the Woodwarm range. Many stoves will work well at heating a room as well as providing additional heat for the heating system and as energy bills rise, and look set to rise, using an alternative means of generating heat is definitely an advantage.

At our house we have a Woodwarm Fireview Slender stove. This is a 6kW stove that warms not only our lounge, but provides heat to our heat bank (not quite a hot water tank, but a place to store your heat energy until it is needed!). Since installing our wood stove we have cut our gas bills by two-thirds. This has been a significant reduction and certainly the stove has paid for itself. Not only do we have the pleasure of a woodburning stove, and it truly has brought hours of pleasure, but each time I light it I know that I am saving money! It's a win win situation.

So if you have any doubts about having a wood stove then don't even entertain them! A woodburner is a real asset. It looks beautiful, adds value to your home, and pays for itself!

Steve at Bradley Stoves really can help you to choose the ideal stove for your home. Having worked in the industry for the past 20 years there isn't anything that he doesn't know about woodburners, so why not come in and see the range of stoves at our showroom in Slinfold, Sussex and find the wood stove for you.