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A Wood Stove Will Keep You Warm in May!

02 May 2012 17:22

I know that we are in the middle of a hose pipe ban, but to be honest the weather is pretty wet and cold at the moment. So much so that I have been huddled round my wood stove and my underfloor heating has been warming the rooms nicely. One advantage of a woodburner with a boiler is that it will heat water and underfloor heating if you have the right model. Our Woodwarm Fireview has not only proved itself when it comes to aesthetics, but certainly has cut our heating bills significantly, and is proving extremely welcoming in this weather.

Having a woodburner installed might seem like a big investment, but it will not only reduce heating bills, but will add value to your home. Our 1960's property was significantly improved with the building of a false chimney breast, the addition of a granite hearth, and the addition of a woodburner. A featureless room became a place of beauty after only a couple of days and it was so exciting when we saw how efficient our wood stove was at warming our hot water! It had taken some convincing for me to have a woodburner because all I remembered were the wood stoves of my childhood, or the soot-stained stoves in the pub. I thought that an open fire would be better, but I realise now just how wrong I was because the woodburner rewards you with a stunning flame pattern, whilst warming the room nicely and not losing most of the heat up the chimney! There is less dust too, and no one who sees the lounge with the fire roaring fails to be impressed.

So if you are feeling down about the weather, and let's face it the gloom is pretty dismal, install a woodburner and enjoy the pleasure that it brings!