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Four reasons to Install a Woodburner with a Boiler

11 January 2012 10:45

Installing a woodburner that comes with a boiler makes perfect sense in these times of recession. I don't know if you have been thinking about it, but certainly now seems a good time to consider this option and here are 4 good reasons to do so:

1. Your woodburning stove is already producing kilowatts of energy so using this heat to produce hot water is logical!

2. By using the heat from your woodburning stove to heat water, and maybe run the underfloor heating or some radiators, you will save money.

3 Your woodburning stove will still look beautiful even though you have a boiler! I can say this because my woodburner has one and it looks lovely! Modern woodburners are designed to burn efficiently and will keep the glass clean so that you will not lose the aesthetics of the flickering flames. You will have pipes coming from the fire, but these can be painted to blend in so that they are virtually invisible.

4. it's environmentally friendly as you can buy wood from a renewable source.

At we offer a range of woodburners and multi-fuel stoves with boilers and we will be happy to give advice on which one is best for your building.