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Wood Stove Accessories are Perfect for Christmas

10 November 2011 09:53

Some people just have everything and are really difficult to buy for. I have several people like that on my list, but fortunately some have woodburning stoves and so I thought that to buy them an accessory for their wood stove would be perfect! The round rustic log basket looks lovely and traditional and is a bargain at around £20 and the Black Match Holder is a beautiful accessory and would complement any woodburning stove and is practical. Again at under £20 this will work well as a present for some on my Christmas list.

If you're searching for a gift for around a tenner then the Black Cast Iron Tongs are ideal at only £12.24. These tongs would also suit someone who has an open fire or a multifuel stove and look stunning because of their clean lines and subtle design.

Husbands or Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for and a practical present is preferable to socks, pants and chocolates. Heat resistant gloves for under a tenner would make an interesting variation on gloves, and the ash vacuum cleaner would be wonderful for someone who doesn't enjoy emptying the ash from their wood stove. The vaccum cleaner is a little more expensive, but is an excellent practical present to make having a woodburning stove or multifuel stove even more pleasurable.

So make Christmas less stressful by choosing stunning and practical presents that will suit everyone.