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Should I buy a Woodburner to Fit my Fireplace?

19 October 2011 13:44

That's a logical question, after all you might think that if you get the biggest wood stove that'll fit your fire place that you'll save yourself some money in the long run. However, this is not necessarily the case, and in most cases you would be unwise to pick your woodburner or multifuel stove using this criteria.

"Woodburners are most efficient if they run hot," said Steve O'Reilly, Director of Bradley Stoves, Sussex.

"Putting in a large wood stove will therefore require more fuel, and for most households they won't be able to keep the fire at a temperature that is efficient,"

"We would strongly recommend that you buy a fire that has a good heat output and use the rest of the fireplace space for aesthetics. A pile of logs, or candles strategically placed looks stunning, and the space surrounding the fire looks fantastic even if there is nothing in it because the wood stove is such a focal point."

At Bradley Stoves we always have staff who can help you when making a decision which woodburner to fit, so please feel free to drop us a line, or visit us at our showrooms.