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A Wood Stove to make you Cosy and Warm!

20 October 2011 09:35

With the first frost adorning my lawn (and I must apologise to those of you who have been battling the wintery elements over the past week!) I am feeling suitably happy this morning! It is not just the beauty of the garden, nor the autumnal hues of my cherry and beech trees, it is the sense of peace that I feel in having made the decision to invest in a woodburner some years ago.

I know that I must be sounding smug, and there are quite a few accusations on the internet that wood stove owners do have this characteristic, but I can't help it. Last night we had 12 friends over and sat round the woodburner in the lounge. The logs were burning, the fire roaring, and just occasionally you could catch the softest noise of water bubbling in the pipes as heat from the fire was transferred to the water pipes. However, what was more warming was the comments from our friends extoling the virtues of a woodburner! Some of these friends have open fires, and they do look beautiful, but as they mentioned the whole lounge was cosy and warm and you could still see the patterns of the flames in the fire. Other friends have central heating and gas fires, but still loved the way that the wood stove looked so in place in such a contemporary setting. Our friends who live in a caravan didn't even want to talk about how cold it is at the moment, but when their house is finished they are certainly going to buy a wood stove!

So if you are thinking of being cosy and warm this winter which wood stove would I recommend? Well I have truly fallen in love with the Charnwood C-Four. It not only looks stunning, is a great price, but has the option of a boiler available with it.

Another range of woodburners that Ive been impressed with recently is the Hunter Herald range. My in-laws had a Hunter many years ago and I still think of it with blackened glass and old-fashioned design. All I can say is 'hats off to Hunter' because their current range of stoves are fantastic. They have embraced the airwash technology and their glass now stays clean and the single pane of glass has made these stoves real contenders in the wood stove market.

The Westfire Series One Wood Stove and Multifuel Stove are personal favourites of mine, primarily because of aesthetics, but that will always dominate my choice! The Scandinavians certainly know how to manufacture and design stoves so I am also fond of the Dovre wood and multifuel range and Morsø's superb collection of woodburners.

So if you want to feel cosy and warm this winter, and the next, and the next install a woodburner and enjoy its benefits for years to come.