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Wood Stoves will Cut Fuel Bills!

02 August 2011 14:59

With gas and electric fuel bills rising it is no wonder that interest in woodburners has been increasing. A wood stove is an ideal way of cutting your fuel bills, and is also a real asset to any home.

At we have a fantastic range of wood burning stoves to suit any environment. Currently we have the Cast Tec Oregon 7kW wood stove on special offer and this is proving extremely popular with our customers. What is wonderful about wood and multi-fuel stoves is that they can be used to generate hot water and are fantastic at running underfloor heating.

One of our customers recently sent us this note of thanks:

"Steve, thank you so much for your excellent service and providing us with such a fabulous wood burner. What is so exciting is that is has cut our gas bill enormously as the woodburner is heating our water, which in turn heats our underfloor heating."

"Even when it was thick snow outside I was able to sit in our garden room in just a tee-shirt as the underfloor heating was keeping the ambient temperature warm. Our woodburner was roaring away making the lounge look cosy."

So if you are concerned about the cost of fuel rising then why not buy a woodburner and let us fit it for you.