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Cast Tec Oregon 7kW Wood Stove stil only £360

21 July 2011 15:59

Ok, so it's July and you're probably wondering why are promoting the Cast Tec Oregon 7kW wood stove. But have you looked out of the window?! I'm currently wearing a top and a cardigan and it's not because I'm old and feel the cold, but because it's freezing and the thought of having a gentle fire burning in my lounge is not an inappropriate thought!

The Cast Tec Oregon 7kW Wood Stove is still on offer at £360 (+ VAT) and this is a superb wood burning stove that will make your home warm as well as adding a real feature to your living area.

So if you are thinking of getting a wood stove then why not consider and choose the Cast Tec Oregagon 7kW Wood Stove?