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Another thought on Wood Stoves

19 April 2011 10:59

I have been thinking about my wood stove and wondering if it is possible to cook with it! I know that it sounds mad, but I was just thinking about jacket potatoes and how long it takes to cook a batch of them! I have a large family (there's 9 of us!) and making spuds that are crispy and yummy takes a lot of electric! I have also been asked to provide jacket potatoes for a party on Easter Sunday! So I have been sitting on my computer and searching for ways in which I can make my wood stove do more work for me and save money!

Apparently you can bake potatoes in the ash of your wood stove. The weather looks to be cooling over the weekend and so I am going to give it a try! I am not going to risk all the potatoes for the party, but I think that I will see how putting a couple of spuds in the tray works. According to the internet I'll need to pierce the skin of the potatoes, double wrap them in foil, and then leave them in the ash for an hour and a half or so. I guess that it's like using your wood stove as a BBQ, but it's not something that I've tried, but with the price of electricity and gas rising it would be wonderful to think that my wood stove could save me even more money!

Obviously Bradley Stoves Sussex sells a superb range of wood stoves, perfect for cooking on. So if you would like to save yourself money a wood stove is the perfect solution.