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Why fret? Bradley Stoves supplies all the accessories you need for your woodburner!

04 December 2010 23:31

Why fret? Bradley Stoves supplies all the accessories you need for your woodburner!

Here at Bradley Stoves we supply woodburners from a whole range of brands such as Morso, Stuv, Stovax, Firebelly, Charnwood and more... But we also know that something as simple as changing the fret on your fireplace can completely transform the apperance of your woodburning fire. We offer a wide range of finsihes to suit your needs and to compliment your choice of stove. One of our current best selling items is the 'New Wave Fire Fret' which is currently available in Brass, Black, Polished Aluminium and Brushed Aluminium. So if you chose one of our more contemporary woodburners, this 'New Wave Fire Fret' is the perfect way to complete the look. 

As well as frets, Bradley Stoves also offer other woodburner accessories such as firestand and fireside tools. Another best selling item is the 'Plain Iron 3-Fold Fire Screen'. This fire screen is a non-intrusive way of protecting both your woodburner and it's surroundings. 

No woodburning stove would be complete without a set of fireside companion tools. Yet another best selling woodburner accessory from Bradley Stoves is the Acorn Companion Set. At under £35 this woodburner companion set will compliment any choice of stove. 

'We recently purchased a Charnwood Country 4 Woodburner and my wife and I really enjoyed selecting our fireside accessories. We wanted a more traditional look so Bradley Stoves recommended the Acorn Companion Set, a 4-fold fireside screen and the Westminster Fireside fret. Not only did Bradley Stoves fit our woodburning stove, they even ensured that all our fireside furnishings were co-ordinated!' 
Recent Customer, West Sussex