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Wood Stoves Can Save You Money on Your Bills!

08 November 2010 12:50

When sitting by my wood stove last night I watched the glowing flames through the glass and felt just a tad smug! You might be wondering why I had a moment of congratulating myself, but it was because I had been looking at the saving my woodburner was making on my gas bills.

Now there was much debate in our house when we decided to opt for a woodburning stove. There is so much choice at Bradley Stoves that choosing the perfect stove was challenging. Although I love the contemporary wood stoves like Stuv and Westfire, I am a bit of a traditionalist so wanted something that looked good, but was practical.

In the end we went for a Woodwarm Wood Stove because of its outstanding performing back boiler. Not only do our friends "ooo" and "aaaah" as they see my woodburner working, but they also really appreciate our water powered underfloor heating! This wood stove is really efficient and although warms our lounge also heats up our hot water tank.

Have we saved money since having the Woodwarm Stove? Yes, certainly our bills are much cheaper, and I know that every day I am saving myself money as well as enjoying my lounge every day.

So you can see why my smugness has crept in. Not only do I have a beautiful focal point in my lounge, but the rest of my house feels warm as a result of an efficient wood stove that is supplying my tank with hot water.

Why not take a look at our range of wood stoves with boilers and start making a saving on your quarterly gas bills.