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The Charnwood ash-carrier is a simple yet invaluable addition to your Charnwood stove. It offers a clean, safe and effective means of ash disposal. This eliminates the risk of dropping hot ash onto the carpet and saves you countless trips to the cold outdoors every time you need to empty the ash from your stove. It enables hot ashes to be emptied straight from the stove into the carrier where they can be stored and left to cool safely.

1. Place the ash-carrier on the hearth using the handle to prop up the carrier. Take the filled ash-pan from the stove and slide it fully inside the ash-carrier.
2. Remove the ash-pan handle - leaving the ash-pan inside the carrier. Clip the lid of the carrier shut and stand the carrier upright on the hearth. Leave for a few seconds to let the ash settle
3. Open the lid, re-attach the handle and recover the ash-pan - returning it to the stove.
4. The ash-carrier’s slim-line proportions enable it to be neatly tucked away out of sight whilst allowing the hot ashes to cool safely. (Ensure it is placed on a heat resistant surface)
5. After several pan loads and once the ash has cooled, the carrier can then be easily carried to the dustbin with no risk of spillage.
6. The carrier can then be emptied, with minimum mess, directly into the dustbin.